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Discover Britain - Live in the UK now available on Bandcamp!
Immediate download of this 6-track album in your choice of MP3 320 or FLAC for only € 5. Bandcamp

Cover Shadow of the Echoes[05-2012]
Now is your chance to get Shadow of the echo`s for a really low price!
For only € 2,50 you can have the best of Von Haulshoven! Payment via PayPal. Contact Eppie for details.

New album : Shadow of the echo`s
More stone age and Orbit strings. One long track, hope the listener will enjoy it.


Instruments used: Arturia Origin, Nord wave and lead, Roland mc 808(2), V-synth, sp555, JP8080, Korg radias, Virus B, Manikin Schrittmacher, Electro harmonix pog and cathedral pod hd 500, Gibson flying V.
1 Track. Running time: 73:56


Cover Low Past Filter[11-2011]
New album : Low Past Filter
After many listenings to my musiczeit albums I decided to remove them all. Every track had weak points which I did not like. It took several weeks of remixing, re-arranging, playing some parts new and remastering, I made a lot of those "stone age sequencings" available again. It is a mix of old albums so if you have them all, do not buy this unless you want it in a compact and better form. A massive 4 hour 45 minutes electronic Berlin school style album. I made it as cheap as possible, I don`t do it for money just for the love of music.
10 Tracks. Running time: 4:45:40

Available on MusicZeit.


von haulshoven has to mow the grass for the last time this year and has to prepare his garden for the winter, but instead is working on a new album!


von haulshoven is nominated as International Artist 2010 at Schallwelle. The albums Ice Age Sequences, Der Weg des Geistes, Planet of the Northern Wind and Dark clouds are rollin' have been nominated as International Album 2010.

Cover Live at the Castle[12-2010]
New album : Live at the Castle
10 April 2010, very early in the morning my friend the Monk and me started a 350 km. trip to Satzvey Castle in Germany. A cold day in spring but dry.
I did a one hour live performance, not the most earth shaking show, but a good audience, good atmosphere and the right "vibe". + Bonus track, over 40 minutes "101012 years after my Birth".
4 Tracks. Running time: 1:37:33


Cover Second Intelligent Lifeform[12-2010]
New album with Syndromeda:
The Second Intelligent Lifeform

Imagine a collaboration of this two masters of the Berlin School style.
3 Tracks. Running time: 1:10:02

Available on MusicZeit and SynGate.





Cover Dark clouds are rollin'[10-2010]
New album : Dark clouds are rollin'
Sequencing as always and a lot of ambient and space.
Over 3 hours music made with motivation and fun.
11 Tracks. Running time: 3:01:38