Eppie E HulshofMy name is Eppie E (Egbert) Hulshof.

I was influenced by a lot of the big (musician) names from the 70`s. Started playing guitar at the age of 17 on a classical guitar with nylon strings. After a few years I switched to electric guitar and played in a few rock bands. (It wasn’t good, but loud enough to wake the dead.)

Hearing the music of Klaus Schulze changed things a bit, after buying my first synth in 1978. From that moment on it was less rock and more and even more floating music. Experimented a lot those days with electronics, guitar and taped it on cassette recorders.

I stopped playing in bands in the early 90’s and turned completely over to electronic music, so I sold my guitars. Made a few albums on the Dutch label Quantum records. And found it time to choose an artist name! The music I make has a lot of German influences, so I "Germanized" my last name into ‘Von Haulshoven’ :-)

I find it hard to make electronic music AND play electric guitar, but I always loved playing that thing. So the guitar came back in and went out again, in - out, in - out, etc.

Right now it’s back in and with the Boss GT10 guitar processor I can make a sound that goes very well with all the synth violence. Good thing about a guitar is that I can personalise my sound a bit.

I am a music-workaholic; I spend every day at least one hour in my smokescreen studio. Making sequencer driven music and a lot of deep empty space simulation in between.
Or as I call it; Stone age sequences and orbit strings!